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Magnesium need

Please answer honestly these few straight forward questions and read the answer below*

  Do you suffer from insomnia ?
  Do you have problems relaxing?
  Do you have low energy?
  Do you have hormonal imbalances?
  Do you have heart problems?
  Do you have constipation?
  Do you suffer from anxiety?
  Do you suffer from cataract?
  Do you have diabetes?
  Do you suffer from migraine headaches?
  Do you have cramps during or after any exercises?
  Do you suffer from kidney stones, joint problems, bone spurs?
  Do you have restless jumpy legs when you go to sleep at night?

Scoring: Compare your score with the answers below:
0–3: Very good! Mag365 or Magnesium Rub will help you.
       It will help you maintain your optimum health.
4–6: You need to take Mag365 or Magnesium Rub! Do not wait.
7 +: You need to act fast, you have a high defienciency of Magnesium! 
       Start taking Mag365 or Magnesium Rub as soon as possible!

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This concerns your child:
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* These questions are only a guide and not a diagnosis. If required or in doubt do not hesitate to consult a doctor.