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Q. Who can take Mag365 Magnesium Supplement?
A. Anyone can take Mag365 unless you have very weak kidneys at which time you should consult a doctor.

Q. Who cannot take Mag365?
A. There are a very few select group of people who, when they take magnesium orally, will experience some light diarrhoea no matter what their dose is. For them, we recommend the Magnesium Rub applied to their skin, thus obtaining the magnesium they need transdermally.

Q. How fast does Mag365 Supplement take to begin working?
A. If taken on an empty stomach, you will start to notice the effects within 20 minutes, with more energy, plus the ability to relax better and have less anxiety.

Q. Should I consult a doctor?
A. The correct answer is that you should always consult your doctor first. However, most doctors get very little training in nutrition and are trained more in the area of pharmaceutical drugs. Mag365 is NOT a drug!

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. If you take too much, you body eliminates the excess into your colon and you will experience some light diarrhoea (i.e. the runs).

Q. Will Mag365 cure my insomnia?
A. Most people find that they get a better night sleep with the intake of Mag365. This is due to their ability to relax and the relaxing helps them fall asleep.

Q. Will I fall asleep on the job or while driving?
A. Mag365 is not a drug and is considered a food supplement. It will give you extra energy, help you relax, and does not drug you into a sleep. So no, it will not affect your performance while on your job.

Q. What are the main conditions that cause magnesium deficiency?
A. The more active you are, the more you think and the more stress you are under, the more magnesium your body requires. Our foods have 30% less magnesium in them than 30 years ago and processing our foods (purchasing processed foods as an example) deplete the magnesium.

Q. Can I get too much magnesium?
A. You can’t get too much from a toxicity point of view. If you do get too much, then your body eliminates the excess and you will experience diarrhoea. You can get too much calcium and your body will store the excess as kidney stones, bone spurs, calcium in the joints and even cataracts. Magnesium will help to dissolve the excess magnesium.

Q. Can I get a test from my doctor to check my magnesium levels?
A. Yes you can, but it is not really accurate and here is why: the magnesium in your body is in your bones (50%), cells and soft tissue (49%) and your blood (1%.) It is critical that your blood has the exact amount of magnesium it needs and your body will pull it from your muscles and bones to put into your blood. It is similar to your body temperature; your body works hard (shivering and sweating) to keep your body at an exact temperature. So if your blood test shows you are low, then you are really low. The best way to tell if you are deficient is by the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Two more scientific ways are through live blood analysis and hair analysis.

Q. How long do I have to take if for?
A. Some people take it for 3-24 months to build up their storage of magnesium. Most people with their SAD (Standard American Diet) diet will never obtain enough magnesium and therefore will benefit from supplementing with Mag365 on a regular basis.

Q. Can I get enough magnesium through foods?
A. Yes you could, if you eat lots of greens, seeds and nuts (see chart.) Try and eat your greens in a raw or steamed form so that the magnium doess not end p in your cooking water.
You would need 30-50% more greens today than you did 30 years ago in order to obtain a sufficient amount of magnesium.


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