Excellent Products
When I take the Natural Calm (and transdermal magnesium) every day, my long menstrual cycles (normally 2 months long) are cut in half. Also, since using the magnesium, I don’t have any menstrual cramping anymore. It used to be awful – simply wretched – but I don’t have any at all anymore, which is amazing after a lifetime of premenstrual cramping.

My own blood pressure is really excellent now – typically 115/70 and my pulse is down from 100-120 at rest to about 75-80bpm. My mum also takes the magnesium taurate everyday and uses the transdermal once in a while. She didn’t get on with the taste of Natural Calm, but she has been exceedingly healthy since taking the magnesium, and never seems to catch anything, despite also having rheumatoid arthritis as I do. She’s also been putting magnesium into a Rebuilder footbath (a bit like a tens machine with a bucket!) and swears it really helps her joints. I will definitely keep up the magnesium, especially through pregnancy, as I was on the verge of pre-eclampsia with my last pregnancy, and gave birth a month prematurely, and I think magnesium would have helped greatly to avoid both these problems.

One last thought – I gave a friend who has Raynauds some of the transdermal magnesium and he uses it whenever he gets an attack. I wish he’d use it as a preventative, but sadly you can lead a horse to water… he says it stops the raynaud’s attack within seconds – amazing! Oh, and I gave some transdermal magnesium to a friend who has chronic migraines, and she too said it helped almost immediately. Again, I just wish she’d take it every day. She says the only thing she ever tested low in was magnesium (which must mean she’s completely out basically) and she’s got a terrible diet coke habit, so is probably depleting her reserves with every drink.
Ruth H Sandbach, Cheshire

Migrain Free, Sleeping Great and No More PMS
I discovered Natural Calm at a local health food store. Magnesium and B2 were suggested to me for treatment/prevention of my migraine headaches. I already knew my husband and I both needed it for our muscle twitches. Since we've both been taking Natural Calm every day I'm happy to report that I am migrain free, sleeping great and have no more PMS. Both of our muscle twitches are improved. My husband has lower blood pressure. I just discovered your website tonight as I was researching magnesium for kids. I'm thrilled with what I have read. I'm anticipating good results for one of our children with a short attention span and one of our children with bowel troubles. Thanks for all the great information.
Faith M, PA

Slept Like a Rock
I have to tell you that I used the Natural Calm myself and I slept like a rock for the first time in 7 years. I woke up not feeling drugged but energetic. I'm telling everyone about it.
Brandi J, Huntington Beach, CA

My Doctor Recommended It
I adore Natural Calm. It's great for winding down before bed. It helps me handle my stress level, and the Raspberry Lemon flavor is nice. I'm so glad my doctor recommended it!
Sue P Milford CO USA

Sleeping Like a Baby
I must say...you win the contest for the best website on Natural Calm. Great information and interesting. I'm feeling quite good actually. I'm sleeping like a baby...
Pearl S ON Canada