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What is the source of the magnesium citrate? What are the raw materials or ingredients contained in the magnesium citrate?
There are two ingredients; magnesium carbonate made from sea water and citric acid made from sugar beets. The two are blended together in a proprietary blend. When hot water is added, the two ingredients combine to make magnesium citrate.  Some citric acid comes from corn, but as much of the corn is GMO, we opted to use sugar beets instead.

How do I have to prepare MAG365?
MAG365 needs hot water to activate it, which activates the powder and puts the magnesium in an ionic form that enables almost 100% absorption (also called bioavailability).  You can activate with any water source, but the colder the water, the longer it takes.  For instance, room temperature water will take approximately 20 minutes to activate.  Make sure your magnesium has gone from cloudy to clear before consuming.

What happens if I don't activate my MAG365 first?
If you do not wait until your magnesium finishes fizzing before drinking it, it will fizz in the warmth of your stomach, which can cause discomfort, bloating and cramping.  

I live in a place that is very hot. Do I have to drink it as a hot beverage?
No - put the MAG365 powder in a cup and put one ounce of boiling water. After it finishes efflorescing (bubbling) then add cold water.  You can make up a few days worth and keep it in the fridge, but it will slowly lose its ionic state over time.

I don't like the taste, what can I do?
If you don't enjoy your magnesium on its own, try adding an herbal or red tea to flavour it.  You can also dissolve in an ounce of boiling water, and once it cools down drink it quickly or add to juice, or mix with water and flavour crystals.  You can also try a different flavour to see if you enjoy it more.

It works great and I need it to sleep every night. Can I develop a dependency on this product?
No - MAG365 is a magnesium mineral. We have 4 main minerals called electrolytes; Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium, that are essential for our bodies to exist. They are part of our food and you cannot get chemically dependent on a food.

Are there any side effects?
If you consume too much your stools will become loose. This is because the excess magnesium goes to the colon and causes it to hydrate. Most laxatives are made from a form of magnesium.  If you find your stools are loose, back off your dosage.

Some people also report vivid dreams.  This is because magnesium can help you ease into a deeper phase of sleep known as the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, during which dreams occur. Increased vivid dreaming is an indication that the magnesium is working!

I don't seem to be able to take a teaspoon without having too loose stools, what can I do?
Some people start out with a magnesium sensitivity.  Keep persevering as you likely need it!  Start with the smallest dose you can handle and gradually work your way up to a full dose.  One of our longest standing customers took more than a month to work up to a full dosage.  Some people (not many) just cannot use oral magnesium, no matter how it is introduced. Our Magnesium Rub and Gel, which is absorbed through the skin, is an alternate choice.

Can I take more than the daily recommended allowance of MAG365? 
Everyone is unique and your magnesium needs may be different. Both physical stress and mental stress deplete magnesium, as do many pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol consumption, and many of the fatty and processed foods we eat.  To find your optimal dosage, continually increase your magnesium levels until your bowels are comfortably loose.  

What happens if I consume too much MAG365?
If you consume more than your body requires, the excess will be eliminated by the body through your bowels, kidneys and sweat glands; you cannot overdose on MAG365.

If you use magnesium on a regular basis how much calcium do you need to take or eat to maintain the proper balance of these minerals? And, what form of calcium is best to take? 
If your diet has a lot of calcium, and you take a calcium supplement, the supplement will rob you of your magnesium because calcium needs magnesium to be absorbed. If you get too much calcium, it will end up as calcium deposits in your joints and other parts of your body, including your arteries. If you get too much magnesium, it just gets eliminated though the colon in the form of too loose stools. So it is better to over supplement magnesium than calcium. 

Most diets have enough calcium for two reasons: many foods are calcium fortified (cereals, orange juice, etc) and our bodies recycle approximately 70% of our calcium stores.  We only recommend our MAG365 BF plus Calcium for athletes who train for many hours a day and those with a calcium absorption condition.  For everyone else, we recommend MAG365 BF - it is specifically formulated to help your body utilize your existing calcium stores to strengthen bones and teeth without over-supplementing with calcium.  This formula is especially great for women over 40.

I'm allergic to corn and anything derived from it. Is the magnesium citrate in the MAG365 derived from corn? If not, from where is it derived?
The magnesium is derived from sea water. The other ingredient is citric acid that makes it magnesium citrate. The citric acid is made from sugar beets.

Can I mix my child's MAG365 with juice instead of water. 
Yes you can mix it with your kid’s juice, but you have to activate it first. See above for activation instructions.

I am wondering if your MAG365 BF plus Calcium product is enough calcium for a woman in her early 50's
My personal opinion is that we get enough calcium in our diets. In order to absorb that calcium we need Magnesium and D3.
One female doctor, who buys our MAG365, but not our MAG365 BF plus Calcium told me she believes that a calcium deficiency is really a D3 deficiency.

Your bones are 2:1 Calcium to magnesium ratio. Our foods have 30% less magnesium than 30 years ago. We don’t drink well anymore either. Your brain and heart require more magnesium than calcium. When you cook your greens, your magnesium goes in the water but your calcium does not. Processed food don’t have much magnesium. Calcium, on the other hand is more plentiful. The countries that consume the most dairy, Finland being first and the US second, also have the highest incidence of Osteoporosis.

With this in mind, we cam up with our  MAG365 BF, which also has vitamins K2 and D3, plus boron, potassium and more for bone health. Our MAG BF plus Calcium has added calcium, with a 3:2 magnesium to calcium ratio.

I purchased MAG365 only last week. I used it for first time yesterday hoping to achieve the results listed: No 1 been Insomnia. Well, I have to say I DIDN'T sleep a wink all night!! Will it take a while for it to 'agree' with my system or will I have to take stronger doses? I really was/am expecting much better results. Am I the few it may not work for? I read the MANY reviews on it's 'great ability' to help people sleep?? Maybe I need to give it time to do it's work... Kind Regards Nick 
Hi Nick – Magnesium is necessary for over 300 body processes and here are two of those.

  1. Energy – it is needed to transport energy from cell to cell. Without magnesium, you have low or no energy
  2. Relax – it is needed to relax your body. Every time your muscles contract, it takes calcium. When they relax it takes magnesium. If I yelled “Fire, Fire” or there was some wild animal confronting you, calcium would enter your cells and you would have a fight or flight situation. When the danger passes, then the calcium would leave and the magnesium would enter. If you didn’t have sufficient magnesium in your body, then you would stay in that anxious state of “fight or flight.”

I personally found that magnesium kept me awake too and that is true for 20% of our customers. What I did was take the magnesium in the morning. That worked great for me. If you are really depleted, then it could take awhile. Your heart and brain use a lot of magnesium. Stress, thinking a lot, and physical activity all use up magnesium so you may not have enough to help you relax.

I recommend you do two things

  1. Take the magnesium first thing in the morning.
  2. Keep increasing your dose until your stools start to become lose, then back off a little. Then you are at the point where you are giving your body all it can use.

What quality measure or safe manufacturing standards do you adhere to?
We manufacture our MAG365 in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility that gets audited yearly by a third party auditor to ensure they are in compliance with the current rules and regulations.  As well, we test each of our batches to ensure that we are offering our customers the high quality products we promise them.  We also periodically have a third party company test our products.

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